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CLEARSHOT OUTDOORS was founded on the idea of making archery EASIER and FUN for ALL SHOOTERS and SKILL LEVELS.

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I always thought a peep sight is a peep sight, thats until I served in a C5 peep, these ARE different.. with over 25 years of bowhunting and filming worldwide, since I have started shooting the C5 peeps my groups have gotten tighter at longer distances, and targets are “you have to try it to believe it” clearer. I HIGHLY encourage everyone to try these new age peeps, slings and everything C5 makes, as its all top quality products that WILL increase your bowhunting performance.

Jason Peterson

Peterson Outdoors

I have both the Two-Tone IA peep, 3/16 pink insert with black housing, and also the CS shotgun sites with pink rear site. I LOVE them both. My accuracy has improved with both weapons, but more importantly, my consistency has improved. I am very much a confidence shooter. The more faith I have in my equipment and ability, the better I perform. As an avid outdoorsmen, I never underestimate the importance of “crunch-time”. Clearshot products give me the confidence that I need, to do what I need to do, when I need to do it.

Ben Davis

Team RIP Pro Staff

I have recently started shooting the 2Tone IA peep sight and my accuracy has improved by double. Before shooting the 2Tone IA
peep I was comfortable shooting out to about 30 yards. Now I am shooting comfortably at 60 plus yards. In low light conditions the gold and pink are quite easy to see allowing me to get sight alignment quickly. I am very happy with my 2Tone IA peep and will never shoot anything else again. Thank you for a great product.

Kirk Waller

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