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We love what we do and hope you love what we produce! If you only have one shot, make it a ClearShot!

Our story

ClearShot Outdoors (formerly ClearShot Archery) was started in 2013 by former owner, Karl Johnson. ClearShot Signature Peeps are nationally and internationally known and award winning! Charles Jones purchased ClearShot Outdoors, a trusted name among both hunters & target shooters in 2023 to add to his already impressive selection of high-quality archery equipment products.

About Charles Jones, Owner

“A good archer is known not for his arrows but his aim.”

Throughout his celebrated life as an archer, businessman, family man and Navy veteran, Charles Jones has always aimed high and hit his marks!

A native Texan, Jones focused his passion for bowhunting from a young age, into a life of archery achievement. After serving our country admirably in the US Navy, he started his 30-plus year career in the archery industry. As a competition archer, he has won dozens of compound and traditional archery local, state, and national titles. As a businessman, Charles has owned a managed several successful archery-based businesses including his current endeavors, Broadhead Barn, Red Arrow Scents, and now, ClearShot Outdoors.

Jones is a Fulcrum archery certified Master bow technician and USA Instructor/Trainer & SD3A Coach. He is a lifetime active member of Archery Shooters Association (ASA), Traditional Bowhunters of Texas (TBOT) & Deerman’s 3D Archery.

Residents of Northeast Texas, Charles, and his wife, Mary, have raised four children. They have 9 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren. He also serves as a City Council Member in his hometown.

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Our Commitment

It’s all about our customers and the sport we love! We are committed to producing the highest-quality archery accessories in the industry. Through attention to detail, artisanship and ingenuity, we strive to overachieve in producing and distributing only the best for our customers, to improve the archery experience for everyone brave enough to pick up a bow!

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